What is this QSL thingy anyway?

Hello my friends. Here’s how a QSL works for those of you who are uninitiated. You write up a detailed description of the show you heard, including where you heard it (online, radio) what time and frequency, and be as poetic and flowing with your language as you can possibly be, and send it with your actual postal mailing address to:


and if your listening / reception report meets our Jefferson Airship of Love quality standards, you will receive a written confirmation QSL card and possibly some surprises from the Mystery Science Radio crew by postal mail from the crew here. Since we’re up up and away and all over the world, please allow 217 days for delivery.

Or maybe I’ll send you one of my nephews crayon drawings. And Torgo’s knee shavings.



The Low Down On The Download

As you may or may not remember, Mystery Science Radio used to be on Shortwave (and might still be). Since I’ve joined the crew (I lost a bet), I’ve convinced Cherokee Jack to post the new adventures as a downloadable podcast.

Click Here to go to the list of what has already been uploaded. If you want to subscribe to the uploads, CLICK HERE.

If you’d much rather wait for our updates, then thank you very much! For your patience, I am linking you to the MSR Revival Episode from last year, shortly after I joined Cherokee Jack and Torgo. Boy! Things have changed a bit since!

2010 Revival

And How!